ER Collet

Function and quality of collet

The function of collet is clamping the quality of the chuck has multiple manifestations:

1、Use high-quality manganese steel alloy resistant to wear, and fatigue.

2、High runout precision.

It can achieve high precision,high-speed machining, reduce resonance damage, greatly reduce the use-cost of equipment.

3、Interchangeable stability

It can assemble tools from brands(FAHRION,Mr.REGO-f I X), and show stable high precision, also will not cause damage on the holder.

4、Make geometric working face with high smoothness

Compression surface near full range contact,small pressure, the collet is not easy to deformation; Reasonable degree of finish reduces wear, and tear of collet, and holder(it is not recommended to use high precision collet with large shrinkage hole, otherwise it will shorten the precision cycle, and affect the quality of tool holder)

5、Surface coating treatment,acid resistance,alkali resistance, and oxidation resistance. (this process product will be launched in the near future).

6、Comprehensive brand testing guarantee

Each product has passed the " double-machine joint inspection, 8-point measurement" to ensure stable deviation precision; No incomplete, no front, burr, tidy, and elegant packaging; The factory shall be responsible for the quality and related losses.